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How do I adjust the time?

1 Make sure Timer is stopped or paused (if you need help pausing, goto next question first), then just drag up or down anywhere on the screen to adjust
2 Tap on the time stamp directly (e.g 00:00:30) to manually set it to whatever you want!

How do I remove a timer?

Swipe that timer allllll the way down and it'll magically disappear.

How do I start/stop/pause timer?

Tap on the screen anwyhere Timer will start, tap again it'll pause, and a quick double-tap anytime will reset it. Nifty huh : )
TIP: When Timer is active, the color bars will have stripes on them to indicate current state

How many timers can I have in a set?

Follow up Q: Can I have more?
No you can't, at least not right now.
Follow up to follow up Q: Why?
Because we haven't figured out the design to add more timers yet. And why do you need more than 3 in a set? Let us know we want to know!

How do I save a timer?

Tap the (+) button beside the time stamp when Timer is not active and you'll be able to give it a splendid name before it's saved!
All existing timers will be saved as a set.

How do I edit a saved Timer set?

You really can't, other than obliterating it from the face of the Earth (deleting it).
And oh, you can delete a saved Timer set by swiping left on it.
But nope, no name changes until we get a lawyer on the team.

How do I adjust the time?

Simply by rotating the crown!

Swiping up and down doesn't work because we tried it, and the screen was just too damn small. Trust us on this one.

Can I have a different list of saved timers just for the Apple Watch?

Great idea, but managing saved timers on your Apple Watch will be a nightmare.
If there's enough need/ask for it though to have a separate list, we promise we will figure out how to build it into the iPhone app.

How do I save a Timer set on Apple Watch?

You can't, sorry. Trying to name your set properly via voice is just not cool, or fun.

Where are my Settings for Timer on Apple Watch?

Force touch (press hard on the screen) in the Timer app will bring up a special menu!
Settings page is in there, but for this version you'll have to actually adjust the Settings via your iPhone Timer app.

Is there a Complication for Timer?

Yes there is! It's called Timer.
Yes...same name as the built in timer but you'll find it, keep scrolling.

Does Timer repeat over and over again?

Yep, that's what we designed it to do.

Why is my Timer notification not vibrating?

We've noticed that if you're wearing an Apple Watch, sometimes the notification gets delivered there instead. We don't have control over this, Apple decides which device to vibrate depending on the circumstances : (

Can I set the time to be more than 60 minutes?


On the iPhone
Tap the time stamp while Timer is paused to manually set it up to 99 hours and 99 minutes and 99 seconds!

On the Apple Watch
Keep scrolling that Crown up up up and way up.
TIP: Incase you did somehow get up to 99 hours and want to set it to something else now, you don't have to scroll down for hours again. Just force touch the screen and you'll see an option to "Clear timer"

Is this XYZ I just saw a bug?

Whatever you just experienced, maybe it is maybe it's not. Give us a shout and let us know!

Will you add ABCDEFGH... features?

Sure! Once we figure out the perfect design and the funds to build it..... but definitely send your request our way we love hearing from you!

Can I change the colors of the timer bars?

We didn't think that was an important feature to spend our limited time on... but now that we know someone does want it, we'll put it in the backlog!

Can I make the Timer sound even when my iPhone is on mute?

We thought it'd be a "sure!" but the truth is, we haven't figured out how to achieve this or if it's even possible at all.

Can I add my own alarm sounds?

Yes. One day. Maybe V3.

Will there be a V3?

We sure hope so! Once we've figured out what other awesome improvements we can make, and also come up with the funds for it, we'll definitely build a V3. (So you should go and tell all your friends to suppor Timer. NOW.)

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